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SouthEastRestaurant Group, SERG and its creative team deliver extraordinary culinary experiences that push creativity forward through their holistic approach to modern hospitality, innovative cuisine, rich culture, and positive social impact in the community.

SERG's philanthropic initiatives include local grassroots outreach with the community-at-large, from highlighting local artists, eradicating food deserts, education philanthropy to political advocacy (incumbents and their constituents) within the DC political landscape. A signature event, 1865 Experience, a dinner event that celebrates Juneteenth with innovative dining of historic Black History reverence thus, positive social impact is a pillar of SERG.  Today, SERG is proud to be a pivotal part of the hospitality industry of Washington, DC. 

Our goal is to continually elevate the hospitality industry through innovative stylistic cuisine while celebrating the cultural richness on the pulse of modern hospitality in food/beverage and dining/catering. 

Melvin & Charese
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